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Ultrasonic measuring technology

A.Hak Industrial Services’ sophisticated UT Piglet® system comprises a versatile, multi-body, centered pig that uses ultrasound technology for scanning the pipe wall.

The ultrasound sensor, with rotating mirror, enables measurements to be taken covering the complete circumference of the pipe. The wall thickness, inner radius and distance measurements are monitored online in real-time during the inspection run, via a fiber-optic umbilical cable and are stored internally in the Piglet®. This allows the overall condition of the pipeline, including the worst defects, to be determined immediately when using the umbilical, with all raw ultrasonic data stored for detailed post-processing analysis.

Our measuring device uses ultrasound waves for measuring the wall thicknesses and inner radius of the pipe. A sound pulse is sent from the transducer in the middle of the pipe in the direction of the pipe wall. From the inner wall, the sound pulse will be partially reflected back to the center of the pipe where it has been detected by the same transducer.

A part of the sound pulse will not be reflected by the inner pipe wall but will travel through the pipe wall and will reflect back from the outer pipe wall. The time difference between both reflections (inner and outer) determines the wall thickness at that point. This is shown in the diagram below.
Benefits of this system include:
  • Standard, high or ultra-high resolution capabilities
  • Options to adapt frequency and detectability.

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