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XYZ inspection

A.Hak Industrial Services provides a range of specialized industrial and inspection services to the petrochemical, refining and pipeline industries worldwide. Our inspection services primarily relate to ultrasonic inspection of pipelines, furnaces and heaters and include pre-cleaning and integrity assessments.

Various instrumented pigs are currently available in the market which perform three general types of pipeline inspection surveys:
1. Metal loss survey
2. Geometry survey
3. Geography survey

The world-patented Piglet® inspection system, developed in-house at A.Hak, combines the advantages of ‘free-swimming’ and ‘cable-operated’ inspection systems and, in effect, eliminates the disadvantages of both.

Although several techniques are available to determine the position of pipelines, their accuracy and economic feasibility is questionable, especially for buried pipelines in populated areas.

To accommodate the increasing requirements of pipeline owners, A.Hak has added geography survey, or ‘inertial mapping survey’, capabilities to its range of services. This enables us to:
  • Provide accurate geographical location of the pipeline, to be incorporated into client’s GIS
  • Provide geographical coordinates of any features found by the pipeline inspection tool, including metal loss areas, dents, ovalities, girth welds
  • Identify orientation and physical characteristics of bends, e.g. radius, angle
  • Identify local areas of pipeline movement (displacement) and use the data obtained for strain, or stress, analysis.

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